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The Point

The point and purpose of this blog is to attempt to create a resource where conservatives can find conservative musicians. With Hollywood, the music industry and the media dominated by progressives; conservatives and libertarians have slowly been denied a seat at the table.  It’s gotten to the point now in Hollywood and the music industry, most conservatives are afraid to say anything.  I wouldn’t be surprised if soon, the closed-mindedness may force them to drink from seperate fountains and sit in the back of the bus.

But the answer is to empower the individual, just like it’s always been.  The principles of Free Market Capitalism work the same in music as they do in the business world, because what is a band if not a business?  The listeners vote with their dollars on what they think the quality of the product created by musicians and artists is.  Thankfully, the internet has given us the resources to connect individuals to the artists without the intervention of Big Music, it’s time to start using it.

When looking online for resources for conservative musicians, I had trouble finding any.  I found lists of musicians people ‘thought’ could be right-leaning, but that is not the same.  What I want to do is make this a one-stop-shop for conservative/libertarian musicians to advertise their music, give conservatives/libertarians a forum to find each other to write music together and give conservatives and libertarians a one-stop-shop to find music by people who share their values.

This isn’t to say that the music itself has to be about conservatism or libertarianism, just that the musicians that create the music are right-leaning and aren’t scared to be upfront about it for fear of retribution or being denied opportunities by Big Music.  Also, if you are small business: recording studio, CD pressing company, graphic artist, and would like to advertise here to be connected with like-minded artists and individuals, let me know.

I’m open to all suggestions on how to make this a better resource.


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