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Frank Zappa

So this one is controversial, but Frank Zappa (R.I.P.).  First, let me preface this with the disclaimer that Mr. Zappa was so dynamic and diverse that he could practically fall in any camp.  Everyone wants to claim him for their side.  In order to consider him an addition to this resource, I had to go to his own words. 

He described himself as a, ‘Practical Conservative’, but if you know anything about him or his life, conservative isn’t the word that comes to mind.  He wanted to tax churches and remove all laws pertaining to drugs, but yet, he didn’t use drugs and mocked the hippie culture with which many people associate him.  According to his son Dweezil, growing up in their household made it impossible to be a ‘rebel’ because they accepted practically anything and everything, “but ultimately it was far more conservative than anyone would imagine.  We grew up having a lot of respect with our parents and none of us ever got in trouble. I’ve never taken a drug in my life, I’ve never gotten drunk and I’ve never smoked. Frank never did drugs or got drunk either. People assumed he did because of his music, but Frank used the power of the mind.”  That sounds like a very Liberal household, but Zappa, if called anything but a Conservative would argue it.  For example, when being called an Anarchist by John Lofton of the London Times, Zappa responded, “No, I’m a Conservative and you might not like that!”

Now, here we are, putting together a compendium of Conservative artists.  I’ve decided to add him under the banner of Libertarian-style Conservatism because his stand was so contrarian to anything and everything.  I mean, this guy was more punk rock than most punks.  Most punks pride themselves on going against what’s popular, and then vote for Obama, the most popular and financially backed by Wall Street president in history.  That would be like punk rockers voting for the biggest sports jock in school.  Yeah, way to buck the trend… posers.  Mr. Zappa, purely for his undeniable individualism and refusal to accept any collective solution to anything, or even the most standard value people accept… I will accept his own words at face value that he was a Conservative and add his name to this resource.  But like I pointed out, I would place him primarily in the Libertarian camp of Conservatism.  I read that he almost ran for the Libertarian candidate in 1988, although I’m not sure if I believe it.

2 responses

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    September 8, 2014 at 2:48 am

  2. bryan

    just want to say, when he says he’s conservative, he means old conservative like pre 20th century political philosophy, as in a strict constitutionalist. not neo-conservative which we have today. he simply believes in small government and individual rights. not as in ‘conservative values’. and yes it is true the libertarian party tried to get him to run. in his book he talks about it. he says he couldn’t do it because he read through the platform that they gave him and there were some things there that he didn’t think were right, and he refused to take “all or nothing”, so he declined. He actually had the idea to run for president since the 60s — and was wholly serious about it.

    November 10, 2014 at 1:03 am

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